VSIS delivers innovative solutions to the travel industry, emphasizing mobile convenience, contactless services, and immersive experiences. Our focus on AI-driven support, biometric security, and sustainable practices ensures a safer, more efficient, and enjoyable travel experience for customers.

Industry trends

Mobile Check-in

Simplifying the travel experience with convenient mobile check-in options.

Contactless Payments

Enhancing safety and convenience with touch-free transactions.

Virtual Reality

Offering immersive travel planning and exploration experiences.

AI Chatbots

Providing instant, AI-driven customer support and information.

Biometric Security

Streamlining airport processes with advanced facial recognition systems.

Blockchain Tickets

Introducing secure and transparent digital ticketing solutions.

Sustainable Trave

Promoting eco-friendly travel options and practices.

Health Passports

Facilitating safe travel with digital verification of health and vaccination status.

Case studies

Senkadagala Finance’s Advanced Data Center with Panduit and VSIS

VSIS partnered with Panduit Inc, USA to implement a state of the art Data Center Facility at their Head Office in Colombo. The solution consists of Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) solution which provide cost saving benefits to the bank in the areas of energy, administration & operations, as well as space requirements.
Client- Senkadagala Finance

Amaari Havodda’s Redefining Luxury Hospitality

The entire resorts was provided with a Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network for deploying services such as broadband internet, IP Telephony, IP TV and Wireless LAN. Products & solutions from world leading vendors such as Hp, Planet, 3CX, Infostar, Juniper & Molex has been used for design and deployment of this state of the art technology solution and integrated with Property Management System (PMS). The PMS and other application services are deployed on highly available VMware Virtualization platform providing this remote, resort with a very reliable, fault resilient infrastructure.
Client- Amaari Havodda

Nawaloka’s IT Infrastructure Upgrade with VSIS

VSIS partnered with Oracle and HPE to deliver a highly available ICT infrastructure for hosting the Hospital Information System, along with supporting databases and application servers. VSIS utilized Oracle’s Virtualization platform (OVM) and Oracle Database Clustering (RAC) to establish a robust and highly available IT infrastructure. These systems were implemented on HPE’s Proliant Server platform, offering a scalable and highly efficient computing environment for the hospital.

Client- Nawaloka Hospital

HDFC Bank, a leading Sri Lankan government bank’s operational transformation.

VSIS partnered with Intellect Design Arena Limited, the world’s first full spectrum banking and insurance products company to deliver this solution. Intellect’s Digital Core (Core Banking Solution) was the primary solution proposed to the HDFC bank. Also VSIS positioned Intellect’s loan origination system to service the loans to the bank customers. The proposed systems are Java based web enabled platforms which would allow the bank to move ahead with technology.

Client- HDFC Bank

UCSC’s Leap Forward in ICT with VMware Innovative Cloud Transformation

Partnering with VMware, VSIS delivered the first-ever VMware vCloud solution implemented at a government agency in Sri Lanka. This solution reduced the large number of physical servers, which were converted into virtual machines. Furthermore, UCSC also reduced its network infrastructure using VMware’s Software-Defined Network, converting some physical switches into virtual devices. With this transformation, UCSC today maintains a simple ICT infrastructure that can fulfill all requirements through a simplified portal. 

Client- University of Colombo School of Computing

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC): Network Infrastructure

The entire network at Sri Lanka Insurance is based on Cisco Routing and Switching designs and equipment. VSIS has been awarded multiple projects from SLIC for expansion of this network. The scope include, IP Phones, Router and Switches for Head office and branch deployments island wide.
Client- Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC)

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA): Complex, large-scale network infrastructure

SLPA is close to a mini city infrastructure than a typical enterprise customer. The fact that more 100 km of Fiber has been used to connect 40+ building spread in an area of 6km length gives justification to this statement architecture of this large network comprises hierarchical design of core, distribution and campus components. Entire Network is being implemented with Cisco System, Inc switches.
Client- Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Colombo Stock Exchange: State-of-the-art IP surveillance system

Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), is one of the most modern exchanges in South Asia, providing a fully automated trading platform. As part of their expansions and security compliance requirements, CSE decided to deploy a comprehensive IP surveillance solution. VSIS was entrusted with this important aspect of security implementation as the trusted partner of CSE. More than 40 cameras from world leading brand Acti Communications have been deployed covering all important operational aspects of CSE including their DR Centre.
Client- Colombo Stock Exchange

ICTA: Lanka Government Network (LGN) Implementation Phase 3

Information Communication Technology (ICTA) agency is the apex government body for the ICT policy and direction for the Government. Over the last decade, ICTA has initiated many projects of national importance, including a series of e-Government projects. One such project is the Lanka Government Network (LGN), which provide ICT resources and connectivity to local government authorities in different districts in the country. VSIS was entrusted with the implementation of phase 3 of the LGN project, which covered Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka.

Client- ICTA

Sri Lanka Telecom’s Public Cloud Implementation

Sri Lanka Telecom, the nation’s leading fixed-line operator, sought to establish a public cloud with a self-service portal for diverse cloud services. Collaborating with VSIS and Citrix Systems, they launched a comprehensive solution encompassing everything from computing infrastructure to third-party service integration. This venture underscores VSIS’s proficiency in handling intricate projects and their esteemed contribution to Sri Lanka’s national cloud, Akaza.

Client- SLT Telecom
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