University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), the pioneering institution in computer science education in Sri Lanka, is known for its significant role in ICT services.


UCSC faced the challenge of modernizing its ICT infrastructure to better serve its academic and administrative functions. The need was to transition from a traditional setup with multiple physical servers and networking equipment to a more efficient, cloud-based environment. This transformation was crucial to enhance the delivery of educational and ICT services to affiliated institutions and the university community.


  • Implementation of VMware vCloud: VSIS partnered with UCSC to deliver Sri Lanka’s first VMware vCloud solution in a government agency, marking a significant milestone in the country’s ICT sector.
  • Server Consolidation through Virtualization: The transformation involved reducing a large number of physical servers by converting them into virtual machines, optimizing space and energy usage.
  • Software-Defined Networking: Adopting VMware’s Software Defined Network, UCSC was able to streamline its network infrastructure by converting certain physical network switches into virtual devices, enhancing network efficiency and reducing hardware dependency.
  • Simplified and Efficient ICT Infrastructure: The new cloud environment facilitated a more straightforward and manageable ICT infrastructure, allowing the IT team at UCSC to focus more on delivering value to the academic and student community through a simplified portal. This shift significantly reduced the complexities of managing multiple physical servers and network devices, leading to improved operational efficiency.