Senkadagala Finance, an esteemed financial institution in Sri Lanka, has seen significant growth since its inception in Kandy in 1968, expanding its presence island-wide.


With its rapid expansion and increased operational scale, Senkadagala Finance required an advanced Data Center Facility at their Head Office in Colombo to effectively manage and streamline its burgeoning data and IT requirements.


VSIS, in collaboration with Panduit Inc, USA, embarked on creating a cutting-edge Data Center Facility for Senkadagala Finance.

  1. Implementation of Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI): The solution centered around Panduit’s UPI system, a holistic approach to physical infrastructure design, promising efficiency and cost savings in energy, administration, operations, and spatial utilization.
  2. Optimizing Operations and Space: The UPI solution was tailored to not only streamline data management and IT operations but also to optimize the use of space in the data center, a crucial aspect for the growing needs of Senkadagala Finance.