Sri Lanka Ports Authority Case Study


Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA), is notable for operating one of the largest Local Area Networks (LAN) in the country, with an infrastructure comparable to a mini city rather than a typical enterprise.


SLPA’s extensive network infrastructure spans over a 6 km, connecting more than 40 buildings. The sheer scale of the network, with over 100 km of fiber optics, presented unique challenges in design and implementation.

Solution Delivered by VSIS:

VSIS having been involved from the network’s inception, played a pivotal role in expanding and enhancing SLPA’s network infrastructure.

  • Hierarchical Network Design: The network architecture adopted a hierarchical design comprising core, distribution, and campus components. This structured approach was critical in managing the complexity and scale of the network.
  • Implementation with Cisco Systems, Inc.: The entire network was implemented using Cisco System, Inc. switches. The core and distribution segments, particularly, were equipped with the robust 6000 series switches, known for their high performance and reliability.
  • Optical Fiber Network with Molex Structured Cabling: To support the expansive network, a high-capacity optical fiber network was built using Molex Premise Networks Structured Cabling System. This system was key to ensuring high-speed, reliable connectivity across the vast premises of the port.
  • Completion of the Last Phase of Network Expansion: VSIS successfully implemented the final phase of this significant network expansion, showcasing their technical expertise and commitment to quality in large-scale network projects.