HDFC Bank, a leading Sri Lankan government bank seeking a new core banking system for operational transformation.


The bank aimed to significantly improve its customer service efficiency and agility. The existing system lacked the technological advancement required to meet the modern demands of banking operations.


To address these challenges, HDFC Bank collaborated with VSIS and Intellect Design Arena Limited to transform its banking infrastructure.

  • Implementation of Intellect’s Digital Core: A core banking solution by Intellect, known for its Java-based, web-enabled platform, was chosen to bring HDFC’s banking operations in line with contemporary technological standards.
  • Loan Origination System Enhancement: Intellect’s loan origination system was integrated to streamline and improve the efficiency of the bank’s loan processing capabilities.
  • Comprehensive Support from VSIS: VSIS played a critical role by providing complete computing, storage, networking, project management, and implementation services, thereby creating a strong foundation for the successful deployment of Intellect’s Digital Core.