ICTA LGN Phase 3


The Information Communication Technology (ICTA) agency, the apex government body for ICT policy and direction in Sri Lanka, has been pivotal in driving significant ICT initiatives, including e-Government projects, across the nation.


ICTA’s ambitious project, the Lanka Government Network (LGN), aimed at providing ICT resources and connectivity to local government authorities in various districts. The challenge was to implement phase 3 of the LGN project, encompassing the Northern, Eastern, and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. Additionally, ICTA required VSIS’s expertise for capacity building in five remote government hospitals, focusing on establishing robust Local and Wide Area Networks.

Solution Delivered by VSIS:

VSIS, leveraging its extensive experience in ICT solutions, undertook the implementation of these critical projects with strategic planning and cutting-edge technology.

  • Lanka Government Network (LGN) Implementation: Phase 3 of the LGN project was successfully executed, extending state-of-the-art ICT resources and connectivity to local government authorities in the targeted provinces, thus bridging the digital divide and enhancing administrative efficiency.
  • Hospital Network Infrastructure: For the five remote government hospitals, VSIS provided comprehensive networking solutions:
  • Local Area Networks (LAN): Deployed sophisticated LAN infrastructure to enable seamless internal communication and data transfer within hospital premises.
  • Structured Cabling: Implemented robust cabling systems, ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity essential for hospital operations.
  • Wide Area Networking (WAN): Established WAN connectivity to integrate these remote hospitals with the broader healthcare network, facilitating better coordination and resource sharing.
  • Collaboration with HP and Molex: To ensure the delivery of these solutions, VSIS collaborated with HP for networking hardware and Molex for cabling solutions, leveraging their cutting-edge technology and expertise.