Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation networking casestuddy


Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC), is recognized for having one of the largest and most technologically advanced ICT branch networks in Sri Lanka.


SLIC’s expansive and technologically sophisticated network required continuous expansion and upgrades to maintain its leading edge. The network at SLIC is entirely based on Cisco Routing and Switching designs and equipment, necessitating a partner with expertise in these technologies for its expansion.

Solution Delivered by VSIS:

VSIS, with its proven expertise in handling large-scale ICT projects, was awarded multiple projects by SLIC to facilitate the expansion of its network.

  • Expansion of Network Infrastructure: The expansion included the deployment of IP Phones, Routers, and Switches across SLIC’s head office and its island-wide branch network. This initiative was crucial for enhancing communication and data transfer capabilities within the corporation.
  • Cisco-Based Solutions: Aligning with SLIC’s existing network architecture, the expansion utilized Cisco’s routing and switching designs and equipment. This choice ensured compatibility and integration with the existing infrastructure, providing a seamless and efficient expansion process.
  • Island-Wide Deployment: The project scope was extensive, covering the entire island, thus requiring meticulous planning and execution. VSIS managed to deploy the required equipment across all locations, ensuring uniformity in technology and performance.
  • Technological Advancements: The use of advanced IP Phones and state-of-the-art Cisco networking equipment further elevated SLIC’s position as a leader in leveraging technology for efficient operations.