Digital Telco

The evolution has begun from telco to a techco — a telco focused on technology. From connectivity to comprehensive solutions. Our Digital Telco solutions cater to this transformation.

Features & benefits

Smart Business Support Systems

Our modular business support systems are used by service providers for product management, customer management, revenue management, and order management.

It enables CSPs to fully monetize the business, technical, and operational assets, focusing on introducing new revenue streams faster. The inbuilt agility, flexibility, and resilience will help the CSPs transform the business into a techco with minimal overhead.

Advance Operation Support Systems

Our operations support systems help CSPs visualize, create, provision, and organize the telco infrastructure. Automation and intelligence to improve efficiency are our key promises to you.

We help CSPs push themselves up in their traditional telecommunication consumer market as well as new business models interfacing with enterprise vertical partners. AI/ML-induced advanced analytics can effectively manage the modern telco infrastructure at scale with minimal human intervention.

Enhanced Telco Security Solutions

Telecommunication networks are susceptible to security vulnerabilities like any other network. Our telco security solutions combine comprehensive visibility with intelligence and high-powered analytics to predict loopholes.

With the integration of AI and ML, our telco security systems can detect and counter security threats in real-time. From unauthorized access attempts to potential vulnerabilities, our systems are always on the lookout to ensure the safety of your network.

Next Generation Access Network Solutions

This is our answer to the CSPs who are looking for cost-optimized, vendor-agnostic access networks.

Our open, standardized, virtual, and software-defined access network solutions will help operators reduce costs and increase vendor choice.

IoT and M2M Solutions

This is an ecosystem of physical objects connected through CSPs to exchange data, without any human intervention. These modules have embedded software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable the collection and exchange of data.

Our solutions are reaching more industrial and commercial sectors, including Smart Buildings, Vehicle Telematics, Street Lighting, and eHealth. We’re transforming business and operational models, making them more efficient, safe, and secure. This ecosystem is creating multiple revenue streams for CSPs.

Seamless Integration

Transitioning to our Digital Telco Systems is a breeze. We’ve designed our solutions to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of applications and platforms, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly during and after the transition.

CSPs with legacy systems or those using a mix of software solutions can easily adopt our digital telco solutions without the fear of compatibility issues or prolonged transition periods.

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