The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), a premier entity in South Asia, known for its modern, fully automated trading platform.


CSE was embarking on an expansion phase, coupled with the need to adhere to stringent security compliance requirements. A critical aspect of this expansion was the deployment of a comprehensive IP surveillance solution to bolster security measures across its operations.

Solution Delivered by VSIS:

Recognizing the significance of this security requirement, CSE selected VSIS as their trusted partner for implementing the surveillance infrastructure.

  • Deployment of Advanced IP Surveillance System: VSIS successfully deployed more than 40 high-end cameras from Acti Communications, a world leader in surveillance technology. This deployment was strategically planned to cover all vital operational areas of CSE, including their Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre.
  • Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage and Security Compliance: The chosen IP surveillance solution was not only about expanding the security infrastructure but also about ensuring compliance with the latest security standards. The careful placement and integration of these advanced cameras enabled CSE to monitor its premises effectively, ensuring a secure environment for its operations.
  • Focus on Operational Aspects: Special attention was given to cover all crucial operational aspects of CSE, ensuring that every significant area was under surveillance. This approach was essential to maintain the integrity and security of CSE’s trading activities and infrastructure.