Nawaloka Hospitals, a top-tier private hospital in Sri Lanka, is heavily reliant on advanced ICT infrastructure for delivering healthcare services.


The hospital faced the significant challenge of modernizing its IT infrastructure. Moving away from an outdated Unix-based system was crucial to meet the evolving demands of healthcare technology and to provide efficient, reliable services.


In partnership with Oracle and HPE, VSIS aimed to elevate Nawaloka Hospital’s ICT infrastructure to new heights of efficiency and reliability.

  • Oracle’s Virtualization Platform and Database Clustering: The adoption of Oracle’s Virtualization platform (OVM) and Oracle Database Clustering (RAC) was central to creating a highly available and resilient IT environment. This modern infrastructure was designed to support the Hospital Information System and other critical applications and databases.
  • Deployment on HPE Proliant Server Platform: The implementation on HPE’s Proliant Server platform ensured scalable, robust, and highly efficient computing capabilities, essential for handling the complex needs of a modern hospital.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Service Availability: This comprehensive upgrade not only reduced operational costs but also significantly improved the availability and reliability of services, showcasing VSIS’s ability to deliver holistic solutions that address both technological and operational needs.