Client: The Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB), Sri Lanka’s leading government agency for construction projects.

Challenge:The requirement was for a sophisticated surveillance system that would not only ensure the security of national assets but also integrate seamlessly with the existing infrastructure of these institutions, reflecting CECB’s high standards.

Solution and Implementation: VSIS delivered tailored surveillance solutions at both sites.

  • Government Analyst Department:
    • Axis Cameras: Utilized for their reliability and advanced features.
    • Structured Cabling: Laid out to support the extensive network of cameras.
    • Network Video Recorders (NVR): To ensure efficient storage and retrieval of surveillance footage.
    • Video Management Software (VMS): For streamlined operation and monitoring.
    • Backup Solution: To safeguard against data loss and ensure continuous operation.
  • Department of National Archives:
    • Acti Cameras: Chosen for their quality and performance.
    • Structured Cabling: Implemented to provide a robust backbone for the surveillance network.
    • Avaya PBX: To integrate communication within the surveillance framework.
    • HP LAN and Wireless: Ensuring high-speed and reliable network performance across the board.