Client: The Overseas School of Colombo (OSC), founded in 1957, stands as a beacon of international education in Sri Lanka.

Challenge: OSC’s vision, “World is our classroom and Technology is the tool,” required a modern IT infrastructure capable of supporting an interactive, tech-driven educational environment. The school needed a robust wireless network to facilitate its progressive educational approaches, including a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy.

Solution Delivered by VSIS: In line with OSC’s forward-thinking ethos, VSIS designed and implemented a comprehensive IT infrastructure overhaul.

  • Campus-wide Wireless Network: To ensure seamless internet access across the entire campus, fostering an environment conducive to digital learning.
  • HP Switching Network (LAN): The local area network was bolstered with HP’s reliable switching solutions to manage the increased network traffic efficiently.
  • Optical Fiber Connections: High-speed optical fibers were installed for inter-building connectivity, ensuring high bandwidth and low latency communication.
  • BYOD System: A structured BYOD framework was introduced to support the diverse array of personal devices used by the students and faculty.
  • Network Management System: Deployed with the HP IMC framework to provide a centralized and streamlined management of the entire network infrastructure.