a CSR initiative by VSIS

"පිම්ම" - Nurturing tomorrow tech wizards

"පිම්ම" – VSIS's CSR initiative, 'Jump', nurtures future IT talents by offering hands-on technology experience, English proficiency, and problem-solving skills to students outside Colombo, preparing them for the global IT industry.

"පිම්ම" – 𝐉𝐮𝐦𝐩 in English is a CSR program initiated by VS Information Systems (VSIS) with the aim of providing students from schools and universities outside Colombo with the necessary guidance and direction to pursue lucrative IT careers, both within Sri Lanka and on an international scale. In an era where there is an unprecedented demand for IT professionals worldwide, we have observed that many university graduates are unable to meet these demands due to a lack of proficiency in English. Furthermore, the country produces only a limited number of IT professionals from universities and technical colleges. Out of the 200,000 students who take the GCE Advanced Level examination, only about 10% choose mathematics subjects. The education system has not been adequately prepared to meet the future demands of the IT job market in terms of English and mathematics education.

As a response to these challenges, we have established "පිම්ම" – Jump, a CSR program designed to initially spark students' interest in technology by providing them with hands-on experience in robotics and computers (technology). Subsequently, we leverage this experience to cultivate their interest in English proficiency and problem-solving skills (mathematics). We believe that students are more enthusiastic about learning mathematics through technology rather than the other way around. To achieve our goals, we have partnered with MagicBit, a company at the forefront of the robotic kits concept, to ensure the success of our initiative.

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