HDFC a leading Sri Lankan government bank was in need of a new core banking system to transform its banking operations. The expected new benefits included agility to service the customers in an efficient manner.

VSIS partnered with Intellect Design Arena Limited, the world’s first full spectrum banking and insurance products company to deliver this solution. Intellect’s Digital Core (Core Banking Solution) was the primary solution proposed to the HDFC bank. Also VSIS positioned Intellect’s loan origination system to service the loans to the bank customers. The proposed systems are Java based web enabled platforms which would allow the bank to move ahead with technology.

Furthermore VSIS assisted this project by providing total Computing,Storage, Networking, Project Management and Implementation services to create a solid platform for the implementation of the Intellect’s Digital Core. This project is a great example how VSIS has delivered total infrastructure and software solutions for mission critical operations such as financial institutions.