Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank is ranked among the Top 1000 Banks of the World for a fourth successive year in 2014. To meet the rapid growth in customers and number of branches the bank needed a capacity expansion in their IT infrastructure.
Commercial Bank partnered with VSIS and Panduit Inc, USA to implement a state of the art Data Center Facility at their Head Office in Colombo. The solution consists of Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) solution which provide cost saving benefits to the bank in the areas of energy, administration & operations, as well as space requirements.

VSIS also partnered with HP to implement the Data Center Switching with back-end integration with Cisco Core Network. The entire network is being managed by HP IMC framework.

Cargills Bank

The Cargills Bank being a recent entrant into the Banking Sector in Sri Lanka, has decided to provide innovative Banking Services to customers. In view of this, they looked at aspects such as Price/Performance, quick deployments and seamless expansion in their IT Infrastructure.

VSIS together with HP designed, probably the best price performance IT Infrastructure solution for Cargills Bank. The entire Cagills Bank Infrastructure including, Core Network, Branch Network, Network Security, Disaster Recovery System, Servers, Database , Surveillance Camera System and High Availability solutions for mission critical Banking Applications have been successfully implemented by VSIS

Blood Bank

The National Blood Bank of Sri Lanka with the vision of creating a model for offering Quality Assured Blood Services, has embarked on a major project to upgrade their services and equipment to be in par with world standards. This capacity building project will ensure that Health Care Service will reach highest standards by enabling most of the surgical treatments to be done in Sri Lanka.

VSIS together with HP provided, a comprehensive Network architecture to accommodate the dynamic and flexible nature of Blood Bank Operations. The system included, Core LAN, WAN for connecting 85 hospitals, Disaster Recovery System, Blade Server System, Database and Structured Cabling for all connected Hospitals.

Cisco Sri Lanka

When Cisco wanted to move their Colombo Office to a more spacious office at World Trade Center, they called proposals from leading vendors in Colombo for design and deployment of Structured Cabling System.

This has been a landmark achievement for VSIS as the competition came from long established Cisco players. However, after careful evaluation by Cisco Systems, the project was awarded to VSIS. We believe, getting a project from Cisco Inc, the market leader in Networking Systems, speaks volumes about the credentials and capabilities of VSIS.

We have deployed the components from Panduit’s Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) for Cisco Office in Colombo.


Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) is probably the largest and most prominent Government Agency for construction projects in Sri Lanka. CECB is well known for meticulous technical evaluations and an eye for detail. VSIS is extremely pleased to win projects from CECB for IP Video Surveillance for two of the most prestigious institutions in Sri Lanka, i.e for Government Analyst Department and Department of National Archives
More than 50 cameras from world leading brand Axis and Acti Communications are installed at these sites. For Government Analyst site, Axis cameras have been deployed along with structured cabling, NVR, VMS and backup solution. For National Archives site, a solution consisting of Acti Cameras, Structured Cabling , Avaya PBX , HP LAN and Wireless were deployed.

Overseas School

Overseas School of Colombo (OSC), established in 1957 is probably the most prestigious International school in the country. With the intention of meeting the challenges of 21st century education, “World is our classroom and Technology is the tool”, OSC has embarked on a major overhaul of their existing IT Infrastructure.

VSIS implemented a campus wide Wireless Network supported by HP switching network ((LAN) and with Optical Fibers for inter building connections. To accommodate the growth in mobile computing, a comprehensive, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system along with Network Management System have been deployed with HP IMC framework.


Information Communication Technology (ICTA) agency is the apex government body for the ICT policy and direction for the Government. Over the last decade, ICTA has initiated many projects of national importance, including a series of e-Government projects.

One such project is the Lanka Government Network (LGN), which provide ICT resources and connectivity to local government authorities in different districts in the country. VSIS was entrusted with the implementation of phase 3 of the LGN project, which covered Northern, Eastern and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. Another project we have received from ICTA is for capacity building of five remote government hospitals.

The scope of work include providing Local Area Networks (LAN), structured cabling and Wide Area Networking (WAN). VSIS has worked with HP and Molex for these solutions

Colombo Stock Exchange

Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), is one of the most modern exchanges in South Asia, providing a fully automated trading platform. As part of their expansions and security compliance requirements, CSE decided to deploy a comprehensive IP surveillance solution.

VSIS was entrusted with this important aspect of security implementation as the trusted partner of CSE. More than 40 cameras from world leading brand Acti Communications have been deployed covering all important operational aspects of CSE including their DR Centre.

Sri Lanka Ports Authority

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) has probably the largest Local Area Network (LAN) in the country. SLPA is close to a mini city infrastructure than a typical enterprise customer. The fact that more 100 km of Fiber has been used to connect 40+ building spread in an area of 6km length gives justification to this statement.

The architecture of this large network comprises hierarchical design of core, distribution and campus components. Entire Network is being implemented with Cisco System, Inc switches. The core and distribution segments consists of 6000 series switches.

VSIS implemented the last phase of this port network expansion. But the networking team at VSIS has designed and implemented this entire network from the inception. The optical fiber network was built using Molex Premise Networks Structured Cabling System

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation

Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC), probably has the largest and most technologically advanced ICT branch network in the country. The entire network at Sri Lanka Insurance is based on Cisco Routing and Switching designs and equipment.

VSIS has been awarded multiple projects from SLIC for expansion of this network. The scope include, IP Phones, Router and Switches for Head office and branch deployments island wide.